Lady Ocalat's Paranormal Investigations

Let our Team of Professionals help you in your search for the Truth.

We come equipped with state of the art equipment and knowledge in the area of Paranormal Investigating.

Our Team is more than just ordinary.

We are specialists in this field.

We will find the cause of your disturbances.

We have experience with ghost activity, psychic debris,

Paranormal or Poltergeitic activity, Daemonic prescences,

Energy portals, Shadow people, Hauntings of all

either loved ones that have crossed over, or negative

energies that could cause you harm.

Don't go at this alone. Call on our Team of Specialists to help you.

We will give you the proof you seek or give it our very best shot.

Remember...You are not alone.

We can help you.


Contact the L.O.P.I. Team at:

218-722-2240 or 218-590-4083

Our aim is to seek out and find