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These are the stories of the L.O.P.I. Team

Lady Ocalat’s Paranormal Biography

My story starts in a most unusual way. Paranormal activity is very normal for me.

We lived and grew up in a very haunted mansion….the Wallace mansion in Deer River, Minnesota. Built by a lumber baron a century and a half ago, this place came equipped with a “Ghost room”, a “Laboratory“, and its very own collection of entities and spirits.

My brother, Bob (Bigfoot researcher), and my sister, Sonna (Lady Freyah), know all too well the events that occurred on a regular basis in our haunted home.

Mother would demand the energies help with the cleaning, and we took all the events as matter of fact occurrences . Ghostly apparitions floating from room to room, grisly growling from the grated vents on the floors above the massive living room, knocking in the walls or by my bed no matter where I moved it. I was awakened every morning at 6:26 am by a “superball” bouncing sound right by my head no matter where I placed my bed in the room…..Furniture was moved ,and all our animals reacted to strange sounds and lights in the house.

Mother actually dressed as “The Old Witch” every Samhain/Halloween and the town would flock to the “Haunted House” for delicious fear. Everyone knew what went on in the house, and yet we were oddly fine with it.

The final straw was when Mother was pushed down the stairs by a firm violent spirit.

We are openly and admitted a family of Witches, so we removed the entities so that we could live in peace.

The next person who lived in the house after we had grown and moved, was not so lucky.

This was a policeman who ended up in an asylum. He was not able to handle all the paranormal activity that resided in the house, and no doubt the ghostly apparitions of our entire family seated at his dining table was no help.

I have learned that spirit entities, dopplegangers, poltergeists, daemonic energies, and ghostly beings are able to be present anywhere they please. Even the living can have a hiving off of their soul energy if they have a particular fondness for a place. And we did.

The UFO encounters and possible abductions happened later.

My daughter and I were waiting outside by the curb for a ride to my band’s practice session. I now lived in a townhouse in Duluth with a bunch of other hippies (the 70’s).

Coming from my left side and out of the Lake Superior came a craft of enormous size….lit up with gel type lighting it floated noiseless above the street…our insides were being pulled apart by the vibrations of this craft…I lost track of the time and so did my 7 year old daughter. As it moved above the roadway we could see seams in the metal, dull and flat in appearance….it went to the end of the street and launched light speed out of sight. My husband to be (also in the band) will share his half of this story, as he is part of our team as well.

Many sighting happened thereafter, some with the band members and others with just Bill and myself.

We were attacked in a motel room after a particularly awful night in a Little Falls bar.

The patrons had look possessed all night and when we got back to our room at the motel, we went straight to bed. That is when it happened. I heard the voices right in the room, but couldn’t make out what they were saying (it wasn’t sleep paralysis)…..I fought to move, but couldn’t and I couldn’t even scream to my husband. I have never been so terrified. When I finally opened one eye, there was a massive swirling of gold light all around the room…..I saw the profile of an alien face on the bathroom door. I fought to gain my senses and planned what I would do next…..grab the lamp on the bed table and go for broke. Suddenly the room seemed to suck out all the gold light and I could move again….I never woke up my husband, but went right to sleep….weird.

In the morning he was wrapped up in the bedding like a cocoon. He had four finger marks on his arm, and remembers nothing. We felt sick the whole next day.

I will add more experiences as this site develops, but I think you understand by now that paranormal is my life.

Till we meet again…..


Lord Orpheus’ (Bill’s) Paranormal Biography

My Interest in the paranormal started as a youth when a close friend and I would seek out and explore abandoned houses and places rumored to be haunted.

We weren’t afraid of what noises and lights we experienced. Instead we had a great curiosity for what could be. It became a search for what is out there.

In my early teens, while being driven to band practice at night by my Dad, I noticed a light that seemed to be following us. We stopped at an intersection, the light still moving, and then witnessed the light continue to move a short bit and then stop. Later in the evening, riding back home, I saw the same light still moving with us. As soon as I got home the telescope was set up outside. I was able to watch the light hover over my house awhile, and then watched it zip off. That truly was what peaked my interest and belief that there is more out there. I witnessed the light moving like that a number of times after the initial encounter.

As an older teen, I experienced missing time while entering a house of a family gathering where I apparently didn’t get into the house (I was told later) till about an hour after I should have…..I have no memory of this.

In my later 20’s I met Lorene (Lady O), and joined a band with her. That’s when things really started to ramp up. I was picking her and her daughter up for band practice. Up to that point I had never been late to pick her up. I was just getting ready to leave my house, which was directly up the hill by about a mile from where we were meeting, when my house started to vibrate…windows rattling so much I expected them to break.
The odd thing was there was no noise…just a huge vibration. Finally I left the house and met Lorene. She told me of her encounter with the object that was traveling up the hill due North where I was. I lived in an area where jets and planes flew over to the Air Base. This was like nothing I had ever heard of felt before.

In an apartment we lived in, we experienced noises almost daily coming from the vacant bathroom and hallway…same thing every day. Phone ringing the same time every day. We both saw plain as day a ghostly figure moving across the hall from our bedroom to a storage closet. It happened so frequently we joked about it!

Encounters would happen on many of our road trips with the band. We witnessed lights in the sky jumping over each other like hopscotch.

An incident in a Little Fall’s Mn. Motel room left me wrapped up in blankets so tightly I had difficulty getting out. I found four fingertip bruises on my left arm….leaving to this day a little bump like there is something still in there. Lorene recalls the event directly in her log.


In our current home it’s not unusual to hear banging, see things flying off shelves, and unusual lights and vaporous mists, not to forget a couple of sleep paralysis moments….a little scary at first, what with hearing a loud buzzing and seeing shadows moving while I am frozen with eyes wide open.

I’m convinced there’s so much out there in the paranormal in whatever aspect. I am intrigued to find out what it is or is not.

The need to know the Truth drives me



Lady Ravenessa Moon's Paranormal Biography

I have been an empath and intuitive from the time I was born. My Grandparent’s house was where my first encounters began. Mainly it was just a “creepy” feeling whenever I would go upstairs. As a child and into my teens, I feared going up those stairs, and never slept in the unoccupied bedrooms, because I felt as if someone didn’t want me there. As a result of this fear I slept on the floor of the living room where my Grandmother slept.

When I was about 10-11 years old, my Grandparents finally confirmed my “feelings“.

Grandma had heard footsteps and voices upstairs when my Mother and Aunt were children. When Grandma would go to see if it was them, the noises would stop, and she would find them asleep.

Grandma said she had the house blessed and excorcised with some disturbing things happening to the priests that conducted the rituals. However, I don’t have any proof of this.

When I was 18-19 years old, I was given my Mother’s twin bed from my Grandparent’s house to use in my new apartment. Shortly after that, I began having recurring dreams about a woman in the upstairs window. In my dream she wore a white nightgown, had long dark hair, and hollow black eyes. I believe this woman may be a bride who according to my Grandfather killed herself in the house when it was a Church.

During this time in my life, I was a practicing Witch, and was working with a small group of peers magickally. One Samhain/Halloween I asked permission to do ritual at my Grandparent’s house, which they granted. Later on that night, we cast circle in my Aunt’s old bedroom, and conducted a Ouija session with my Grandma’s Ouija board from the late 60’s mid 70’s. during the session, at one point the hallway lights went off and on twice, without any explanation. No one was near the light switches that turn them on and off. That house is what started my interest in Paranormal Research.

I have had several unexplainable experiences since then, but nothing compared to how that house has influenced me.

I will be updating my experiences as we go along.