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Robert Olson

BIGFOOT Researcher and Paranormal Investigator



Robert Olson and Don Sherman head up

"The Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team"



Robertcan be reached at:


Don can be reached at:

218-308-1451 or dwsherma@paulbunyan.net


Feel free to call "Lady Ocalat's Emporium" as well to report your sighting.

218-722-2240 or 218-590-4083




Over the past 7 years, Olson has collected over 100 Bigfoot sightings throughout the area. Olson has also discovered dozens of extremely large footprints alongside of Six Mile Lake Road, the casts of which he proudly displays at his place of business in Deer River, Mn.

As a lifelong resident of the area, Olson has gained the trust of those living in the area enabling him to document encounters that witnesses would not have felt comfortable telling to a stranger.




When most people hear of a Bigfoot sighting they tend to think of the expansive forests of Oregon or California which are home to many Bigfoot encounters. Yet all throughout the small towns of Minnesota's Northwoods a mysterious Bigfoot creature has been spotted so many times that it is starting to give the western states a run for their money. When it comes to why a certain area becomes a hotbed for sighings, no concrete answers are available. Some researchers theorize that Bigfoot creatures are migratory animals that follow some unknown travel route as they make their way across the country. Contrasting this theory is the belief that these creatures tend tobunker down in an area where they have found it to be to their liking. If the Bigfoot is indeed a flesh and blood creature or animal, then it would need an area that could provide cover, possess an adequate amount of food and water supply, and have enough other Bigfoot creatures for the possibility of mating, all of which appear to be plenty abundant in the Northwoods.




The northern forests of Minnesota have long been seen as a mysterious place. Native Americans of the area believed whole-heartedly that Sasquatch lived throughout the forests. Tales of these Sasquatch creatures differed from those of the Wendigo, and are often viewed as being supernatural in origin.Some of the most bizarre tales come from the old-timers....who tell stories that while participating in drumming circles they would feel Bigfoot creatures gather barely outside of where they could be spotted, as though they knew the range of human sight!

In his book, The M-Files, author Jay Rath tells of a 1911 encounter where two northern Minnesota hunters followed a pair of odd looking footprints that eventually led them to a human giant "with long arms and short dark hair on its body." What the two hunters did after encountering the giant is unknown.


"The Minnesota Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures"

Chad Lewis




Robert and Don were featured on the History Channel's "Monsterquest" and have given numerous live shows and lectures on the subject of BIGFOOT.

Bob's collection of BIGFOOT prints is astonishing. DNA samples are still being investigated. He has researched many sightings and taken documentation of the scene. Hair samples have been collected and multiple witness accounts of "screams" and "Knocking" have been uncovered.


Photographic evidence will be featured on this site, as well as "eye witness" testimonies and first hand accounts.


A map of Minnesota and Wisconsin with pins at the sighting locations is displayed at:

"Lady Ocalat's Emporium"

31 West Superior Street

Suite #304

Duluth, Minnesota



We will be updating the information as we get it or in the event of alot of activity....

Share your story with us....


If you are a believer, this is the place.




The almost rustle of a dew drenched twig

Birds scattering into the sky,

noisy frogs, silent now

The breathing...huffing nearby.


Cold sweat in your clenched palms,

Dry mouth with breath held tight

Ears straining to hear in time to run,

Eyes wide to hope for a fleeting sight.


You heard the story, saw the prints,

And are in the dark and alone.

Fear and excitement fill your heart

The night seems thick around your mind

As you tell your tale he seems near,

And then he lives real as life,


As Big as life in the night of the mind,

His feet stomp the soul of humankind.


Lady Honleye









Posted: June 16.06


Minnesota's Mystery Footprints draw crowds


GRAND RAPIDS--Remote Six Mile Lake Road in eastern Cass County (just west of Ball Club)experienced more than a normal share of traffic this week as curiosity seekers came in carloads to view the large, mysterious footprints left on the edge of the road.


What made thefootprints may be anyone's guess, but there are those, such as Bob Olson of Deer River, who believe the prints were made by that creature of popular lore, Sasquatch...or Bigfoot.


Wildlife biologists, however, seem to agree that such creatures live only in myth. "No such thing exists,"said retired Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Jim Schneeweis of Grand Rapids. "If there were all these Bigfeet running around, sooner or later somebody would have found a dead one. The DNR has had cameras (in remote locations) for years. How come nobody's ever got one on film?"


While wildlife biologists say that Bigfoot stories are not founded in scientific evidence, that does not seem to stop those who do believe such creatures exist. A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of reported sightings around the nation and entire Web sites devoted to the tracking of the creatures.


Schneeweis said that he was not aware of any sightings or other evidence reports of the existence of Sasquatch creatures out of the Grand Rapids office, but did say that he was aware of sighting reports in the Northome area in the past.


Robert Olson, who carefully made plaster reproductions of the giant human-looking prints this week to preserve them, said that there have been numerous sightings in northern Minnesota...including some on Winnie Dam Road. The self-described enthusiast, said that he has heard reports of increased Bigfoot activity in the area for the past two years.


He is not the only one who is interested.


Local resident Wayne Nelson called in the report of possible Bigfoot evidence on Monday, saying that, on his way to go fishing, he saw people taking pictures of the ground betweent he road and the woods. After pulling over and speaking with the people there, Nelson realized what they were looking at: 17 inch long tracks, about three-quarters of an inch deep into the dirt.


Looking like human footprints, but larger and with toes of all the same size, there was speculation that the tracks were not human, because human tracks normally only reach a depth of about one-quarter inch, according to Nelson.


The prints, no matter what the source, have generated curiosity, and despite the disbelief of the scientific community, it has done little to sway those who are certain Sasquatch creatures exist.


"I know exactly what made it (the footprints)....Bigfoot," Olson told the reporter.


Grand Rapids Herald Review via Mesabi Daily News Virginia/Mn...June 14.06


Robert Olson and Don Sherman of the Northern Bigfoot Research Team will be featured on the ANIMAL PLANET.

A team from Los Angeles is coming to film the week of July 31st-August 7th....will a town hall meeting to be held in the community center in Ball Club, Mn.

Stay tuned for more information!


Monday, May 26, 2014 Memorial Holiday

After we traveled up north over the Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would post some great shots of Robert Olson and his collection of BIGFOOT prints. These are truly amazing specimens.

These are the famous "Six Mile Lake" prints taken from the dirt just laid by a grader operator near Ball Club....2006


These prints are taken in Hungry Gulch Forest near Walker, Mn.

Taken near Mushka Lake near the 6 mile print area (Ball Club, Mn.)

This is just a great example of wolf prints.One is just gigantic! The other a specimen of a normal sized track.



9/14/2013 8:30am

We received the call for the investigation early Sunday morning .the day after the sighting.

The woman (married age 51) was credible and seemed very intelligent and knowledgeable. She told me on the phone that her daughter (aged 9) and a friend had been outside playing “Ghosts in the Graveyard” the night before. They had witnessed a creature near the garage in the backyard .the girl’s friend didn’t see much. The daughter on the other hand saw a lot.

She told her mother everything, and that’s what the mother told me on the phone ..that she wanted me to speak with the daughter personally, so she didn’t grill her too much in advance. The mother told us she had found a viable print near the garage and had kept the neighbor kids away from it till we arrived. She of course was excited and couldn’t believe what was happening.


We conferred with Bob Olson of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Team and he advised us to prepare for prints .which means having plaster, water, bucket, plastic for the prints if any and also lighter fluid and a lighter to burn off any grass if print is in that medium. We stayed in contact with their Team which is Bob Olson and Don Sherman.

We arrived at the home around 10:30 am Sunday morning. Our L.O.P.I. team consisted of Bill Couture and Lady Ocalat. It was rainy and misting out so we were anxious to cast the print while we still had half-way decent weather conditions.


The location of the home is interesting:

Very close to the St. Louis River. Animal traffic was everywhere, and we of course, assumed we where dealing with a bear sighting. Numerous gardens and edible vegetation was apparent with the neighbors as well. It was a setting that smacked of something odd a typical residential neighborhood right on the edge of nowhere.

We had been experiencing very dry conditions up until the morning of the spitting rain, so animals would be near that river for a water source.

We noticed deer tracks and loads of geese, rabbit and other animals feces and tracks.

We met with the Mother and she walked us back to the print she had secured with a 6 ft. step ladder on its side. The print appeared to be in surprisingly good shape for a grass print and measured 10” x 12” long.We have attached the pics of the print in the grass ..

unfortunately impossible to cast, even if we would have tried to burn off the vegetation. We felt happy to be able to capture the photo of it. Nearby tall grass was beaten down and looked trampled .numerous broken limbs and debris ..we checked for hair samples found nothing there.

While Bill looked around the perimeter and checked for other tracks and information we might obtain, I went inside with the Mother and sat down at the kitchen table to chat with the daughter about the sighting. At first she was a little shy to open up about it, and I felt we might get skunked. Soon she was sharing and appeared very bright and grounded. She explained it was NOT a bear as she had taken a picture of a bear on her camera phone and this looked nothing like it (her words).

She went on to describe the creature and the sighting:

She said it was huge and pointed out a place high above a door as its height .around 7.5 feet tall. Its fur was brown and she said it had a flat face with long hair hanging in its eyes, and walked on two feet. She told me it bent down to scratch itself and/or pick something up (twice) and when it looked at her it took off behind the home towards the river. She said it left on two feet taking huge strides (3-4 feet long) with its arms swinging and stomping the ground HARD lots of noise in the stomping she said. She also said that it walked flat footed. She said there were no screams or vocalizations, no odor, and she never felt threatened.

I felt satisfied that the little girl was telling the truth as far as she could describe. She was absolutely positive it was not a bear. She told me, “I know what a bear’s face looks like, and this wasn’t like that. It had a flat face like a person .but not quite like a person.”

At that moment the house door opened and Bill came in. He wanted to speak to the Mother privately, so as not to scare the children. He told her he had found ANOTHER PRINT!

Excitedly we ran outside, and sure enough in the front of the house under the window was a spectacular print in the small decorative rock. Bill rocks! It was obvious from the location of the print that the creature planted its left foot on the sidewalk and with a huge stride planted its right foot cleanly in the rock mixture. It apparently was looking into the bedroom (Mom’s) window. Bill proceeded to cast the print and we chatted some more inside about the Mother’s exceptional intuitive abilities and empathic inclinations. Although she has strong Christian values and feels a bit uncomfortable with this subject matter she is very bright, kind, and no nonsense she even home schools her children. She told me of a UFO sighting last April that her son and his friends witnessed another time perhaps for that story.

We put plastic on the print and orange cones to hold it down and went for breakfast while it set.

She watched it for us, and when we returned we could remove the casting fairly easily. Although it came with lots of pebbles attached, you can clearly see the outline of the print in the pictures shown here.


It should be noted that Bigfoot are attracted to the sounds of children, and many reports have come in of children describing sightings of the creature basically “watching” them. As the kids were playing a nighttime outdoor game, there would have been lots of high-pitched “girly” screaming. This would have drawn the creature in ..

I also believe that the Mother was “watched” as it is also common for Bigfoot to observe us doing our daily duties .washing dishes, watching t.v., and of course, preparing for bedtime.

Based on the size of the prints and the actions of the creature, I believe this to be a female Bigfoot drawn to the sound of the children and the energy of the Mother and the family.


I also believe we have a true sighting here, with reliable witnesses and a viable print.

UPDATE: 9/20/13 6:30 pm Misty high humidity

We received a call from the Mother for a follow up visit. The L.O.P.I. team consisted of Bill, Lady O, and Sarina.

The woman thought she saw more footprints and noted unusual activity from the deer outside .raised hair on their backs and a fearful attitude at around 2:00 am the previous night (the neighbors were feeding the deer).

She also told us that her daughter recalled some new information that she hadn’t shared with us before. The creature had a weird huffing breathing sound coming from it.

The Mom also reported having done the tree knocking that we had advised her to do.

We searched the property and the perimeter and found no unusual prints or anything conclusive. I do believe that this family’s encounters are not over.

I advised the mother to stay in contact with us and to report and record anything unusual to the L.O.P.I. team or NMBRT ..

Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

We are remaining in contact with Bob Olson and Don Sherman of NMBRT the Bigfoot team up North. This team was on Monsterquest .and the episode was called “Monster Close Encounters” .on the History channel.

Stay tuned





August 2013...Turtle Lake Road, North of Marcell, Minnesota

This sighting was reported to Bob Olson and is considered hightly reputable.

The young man involved has a garden with a turnip patch in it (I know, right?)

There were trail cams installed on the trees and above the patch to see if

anyone had been raiding the garden, as evidence was obvious to the young

man that someone or something was. When reviewing the trail cam the next

morning, the young man finds that a Bigfoot is on the film bending over eating

out of the patch. His back is 5 ft. off the ground at least.

At last check, there is talk of pictures being made available to me.

Stay tuned for that!



April 6, 2012 Sugar Point Road

East side of Leech Lake in Northern Minnesota


Two Native Americans driving down a dirt road spotted the creature:



Black hair, green eyes

Bi-pedal upright running


The creature began chasing their car, and at one point kept up with the car, which was estimated by the witnesses as going about 40 mph.

This is an example of an "Aggressive" sighting.


April 11, 2012 7:00 am

About 15 miles southwest of Bemidji, Minnesota


Schoolbus driver notices movement about 75 yards off the road to his left.

Schoolbus is empty, as he is just beginning his day.

Creature appears to be dark in color and well over 7 ft. tall, even though the creature is "sitting" on a pile of clearcut logs.

Creature notices him slightly, but driver speeds away....afraid.


Witness is reputable and reliable. Hesitated to tell his story. Seeks anonymity.


May, 2007

Capacona Lake, La Porte, Wisconsin


Witnesses were camping in their yard. The creature came running across the pasture hit the tent hard and pushed the witness's face hard into the tent. The man hit the creature with fist and creature hit his dog, and dog went flying (unharmed)

Man reported creature had breasts like footballs.

Wishes to remain anonymous.


2006 Carrie Lake, Hibbing, Minnesota


The son of the City Engineer for the city of Hibbing reported a sighting.

Son caught a glimpse of the Bigfoot in the Carrie Lake Park.

Reported seeing a "family" of three creatures.


July 17, 2006 2 miles east of Ball Club on Highway 2


Native American eyewitness D.F. was on her way to the casino to do some gambling. She witnessed off the side of the road the creature over 8 feet tall, by her estimation. She said it, "Gave me the creeps."


September 30, 2006 2 miles west of Ball Club near the

Mississippi River.


Witness was deer hunting south of Ball Club on 2127 oil pipeline road.

Saw dark, hairy animal in the swamp. Not a bear. Strong odor.

Positive it was a Bigfoot.


June, 2005 East on Six Mile Lake Road


Witness saw the creature...brown fur humped over. It looked up at her, and as she states, "Looked into my soul."

Witness name withheld.


May 12, 2007 North of Cass Lake, Minnesota


Name withheld: Witness and her mother were driving to the Palace Casino.

Saw the dark, hairy creature somewhere between the casino and Co. Rd. 33

Very afraid. Knew it wasn't anything they had every seen before.


2009 Hibbing, Minnesota 3:00 am


Bitterly cold winter.....witness saw the creature right outside her window.

Observed tracks in the morning that were 8" wide and 14" long with about a stride of 5'5" long.


2008 Inger, Minnesota


Witness reported noises outside her home. Saw a Bigfoot creature with a little Bigfoot who was out on a treebranch limb, reacting to the cries of the bigger creature. Gave what witness described as a"Hissssssss Hah!"

Witness terrified to report incident, but came forward on the request of Bob Olson.


2011 20 Miles South of Hill City on Hwy 169 8:30 am


Witness was making a lumber delivery to Remer, Minnesota. The sun was already up. About a 1/4 mile ahead of witness the creature crossed the road. The sun hit its fur and he could make out a clear image of the creature. Bigfoot.


2009 30 Miles south of HillCity, Minnesota on Hwy 169

Forestry Building


Witness saw the creature cross the road ahead of him by the power lines. Clear image.


2011 South of Grand Rapids, Minnesota by South Shoal Lake Rd.


Witness is a Native American young man who worked at the Holiday Gas Station. Witness was late for work and was speeding. On his way in to work he turned right of Shoal Lake Road and saw the creature 30 ft. in front of him.

At that moment a Highway Patrolmanpulled the kid over and pulled his car in right behind witness. Cop got out of squad car with the creature fully illuminated in the car's spotlights. Patrolman was aiming the spot on the creature and following its movement.Both cop and kid saw the perfect outline of the creature.

Both were stunned, and kid got back in his car and proceeded to his job at the gas station. Upon arriving, kid went inside and began his shift. Saw the Highway Patrolman comespeeding into the station with his lights still flashing. Cop was very shaken up. Kid didn't have the nerve to approach the officer, as he was afraid of a ticket for his speeding.

The creature has been captured on the dashcam of the squadcar and any and all efforts to obtain the tape have gone unanswered.

Attempts have been made to see who was on shift that night, but no one is talking in thePolice Department.


2010 3 Miles west of Bena, Minnesota on Hwy 2


Three bank examiners heading to Bemidji witnessed a creature cross the road ahead of them. Very firm on their story. Consistant description. Dark, hairy....unlike anything every seen before. Reliable witness testimony.

Wish to remain anonymous.


2011 Six Mile Lake Road near Bena, Minnesota


Two Native Americans rounded the corner and came right up on a Bigfoot directly in the middle of the road. They had to drive around it, absolutely terrified.....as it refused to move. Creature was right beside the driver's door as they sped past it.

They drove directly to Bena to the antique Standard gas station to report their sighting to numerous people.


2011 6 miles northeast of Togo, Minnesota


Deputy sheriff saw the creature standing by a tree...near his white pickup, after he had gone into the woods to do an inspection.


Boy River, Minnesota Gazegan's Road


Native American road crew working on Gazegan's Road using a caterpiller and diggers. The whole crew saw the creature leaning against a tree with its arms folded across its chest.

They wish anonymity to retain their jobs.


1 Mile West of Bena, Minnesota


The Spiritual advisor to the Chippewa, Mr.Bobelink, his daughter, and her husbandwitness the creature 30 feet west of the house. Creature is standing by the clothesline flipping the clothespins with its right hand. Clothesline was "belly high" to the creature!


Deer River, Minnesota Groth Lumber Road (near the lake)


Kip Bloom witnessed a Bigfoot cross the road in front of him. It was about 6 ft. tall, stooped over, with a cone-shaped head. Creature had a gray, waxy, human face. It looked at him.....appeared to have humped shoulders.

He roared back to his Dad's (Milton) homein his vehicle. Near the back side of his Dad's home which was nearby the sighting.....they both heard long drawn out screams back by the Lake.


April 30, 2011 Winnie Dam Road 3:30 pm


4-5miles down the road, Roger Johnson from Inger, Mn. witnessed a creature running upright through the swamp. It appeared to have reddish-brown hair. He was driving right past it and caught a clear view. Too afraid to stop.


Hwy 70 out of Coleraine, Minnesota


14 year old Jesse Hirschbackwas walking on the road....had the eeire feeling of something keeping pace with him. Turned to see a full form Bigfoot that was standing in the field. It was shaking a tree (classic characteristic of the creature) He said he was "bone chilled."


Jacobson, Minnesota


Jim Monkwas taking a 35 mile canoe trip and was camping for the night.

Noticed a horrible smell in the night....terrible screaming. He grabbed his pistol. From outside his tent he, heard the grunting and screaming. He was very scared to do anything. Creature left. Reliable witness. Swears to his story.



Photographic evidence from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

Cryptid/homonid classification.