The above was taken from an overhead security camera at my store, "Lady Ocalat's Emporium" on Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at about 10:45 in the morning. Lady Ravenessa Moon was working at the store, and had just stepped out for a moment. When she returned to the locked store, and let herself back in she noticed the little white box (full of Witches Brew candles) had launched off the shelf. We have known for a while of a little girl's energy in the store. We call her Sarah. She is not harmful in any way, but does love to play tricks on us, and throw things around. I was in the middle of a reading when she threw two jars of herbs off my shelf.....wormwood and sulphur..hmmmm.

This little box was sort of heavy and full of way would it move that far out from under the shelf on its own.

Just another day in the store!

Lady Ocalat 


Glensheen Mansion

London Road...Duluth, Minnesota
Saturday, March 29th, 2014



Glensheen, seen through the fence along Highway 61.

In 1968, the estate was given to the University of Minnesota Duluth, which operates Glensheen to this day. At the time, Elizabeth Congdon (youngest daughter of Chester Congdon) was given a life estate, allowing her to occupy Glensheen until her death. It opened to the public in 1979. For years, the third floor and attic were closed to the public due to safety concerns over limited access. However, in 1992, both areas were opened to small group tours. The estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Elizabeth never married, but adopted a little girl and named her Marjorie. Marjorie was always the Black Sheep of the family, as she constantly borrowed money from her mother, and treated her very poorly. Marjorie spent time in mental institutions, and married a number of men. No matter how much money Elizabeth gave her daughter, it was never enough.

One morning in 1977, Elizabeth Congdon was found murdered in her bed. Her nurse, Velma Pietila had also been killed on the staircase, and a basket of jewelry was missing from the bedroom. Marjorie was found wearing her mother's ring after the murder, and she was arrested by the police.

Unfortunately, police were never able to solve the murder and had to let Marjorie go. Locals in Duluth, Mn. believed the greedy and ungrateful Marjoried had formed a plan to murder her own mother to get to her inheritance.

Ever since, there have been sightings of Elizabeth Congdon's ghost in Glensheen Mansion. It is said that an eeire black, shadowy figure has been seen walking about the basement. Lights turn on and off by themselves, and pieces of jewelry have been seen rolling back and forth across the dresser in the room where Elizabeth died.

Tourists taking pictures outside of the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Mn. found something strange in one of the photos. Looking out of the window on the upper right of the photo there appeared to be the figure of an elderly lady. This was the bedroom in which Elizabeth Congdon was murdered.

One employee who was on a ladder, felt a tugging at his ankles. The man turned around quickly only to find that no one was there. Many visitors climbing the Grand Staircase have reported feeling light headed. Remember this is the spot where the nurse, Velma was murdered.

   Roger Caldwell, the second husband of Congdon's adopted daughter, Marjorie, was charged with the crimes, convicted on two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to two life sentences. Marjorie was charged with aiding and abetting and conspiracy to commit murder, but she was acquitted on all charges. Caldwell's conviction was overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1982. He was set to be retried, but pled guilty, submitted a full confession, and was later released from prison and committed suicide in 1988. In the intervening years, Marjorie Congdon Caldwell Hagen was twice convicted of arson, serving 12 years in prison and was once wanted for bigamy in North Dakota.

Although once prohibited from speaking about the murders, tour guides are no longer forbidden to discuss the mansion's murders. Upon request, many guides will briefly speak about them at the ends of tours and one can purchase books written about them at Glensheen's gift shop.


Our trusty group of paranormal investigators (Bill, Lady O, Bob and Nancy and Josh) head out to explore the mansion and partake of the infamous "Flashlight Tour" of Glensheen. The tour started at 9:00 on the night of March 29th...the last Saturday of the month, and the last night of the tour. We had two lovely girls as tour guides, and we were told to behave cameras, no pictures of any kind...stay in a group.

I did have my trusty Ovilus version X "Ghost Box" hidden in my pocket of my "Sherlock" cloak. I had headphones attached so as not to disturb the rest of the tour. There were about 10 of us in all. I managed to go unnoticed, until one of the guides asked me if I had a device in my pocket. I think she believed I was using some kind of hearing aid, so I managed to pull it off.

The Ghost Box spoke:  "Linemaster...slower"


The tour was amazing with only battery operated tea-lites lighting the staircases and the passageways. Details are too numerous to account for here. The sheer beauty and luxury of this place. The "spare no expense" in EVERYTHING. We felt all kinds of energies as we walked in a close-knit group in the darkness. A portrait of a handsome man hung over the servant's bed. His eyes followed us around the room. The guide said the women in the room who stayed there had to turn the portrait around. My GhostBox went off.

"Lust, picture, girlys."

Another pitcture was of a son and his football team.. He had not worn the right shirt to the event, and even though he was Captain of the team, he was punished and put to the side of the photo. You could clearly see his pissed attitude.

Ghost Box:

"Football, son, lemon."

In yet another room, a surreal Victorian doll sat propped in an antique chair. It had been there forever. Most likely there when the murders occurred.


Ghost Box: "Mom....suffer....Mommy." 

In Mr. Congdon's room and in the Master Bedroom we felt chills and the huge presence of the man. Both Bob and I smelled tobacco as from a pipe in the Master Bedroom, even though the guide said the smell should be in the "Smoking room." I didn't smell anything there....nor did Bob.

Ghost Box:

"Marriage...loving family...listen....sit...tour...chatty."

We believe the Old Man didn't really like all the talking and touring and the like. His energy said as much.


Nancy felt intense shivering twice in Elizabeth's room...where she was killed.

Ghost Box:  "Mom's in it....Help....find her....fight."

On the stairs where the nurse was killed the Ghost Box went crazy....

"Run, scared, hurt her, rapid, fast, died now, killed, late, last sound....pounding!"

In conclusion, the Glensheen Mansion is haunted. Period.

Lots of energy, but mostly that of a loving, big family....enjoying the finer things in life. What is known is but little of all the wonderful energies that preside there. What is relished is interest in the deaths. That is in itself tragic, as the Great Mansion is so much more than that.

May it live long and prosper!

We had a helluva time there!

The L.O.P.I. team.     





The following tales are from Native Americans....I felt like including them here in the Paranormal activity section for now....

If more sightings occur, I will devote an entire page to this phenomenon.

Stay tuned...


What or who is in that tree?


Magical Little Beings


Native American folklore....The Little People

The Native peoples of North America told legends of a race of "little people" who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes. Often described as "hairy-faced dwarfs" in stories, petrpglyphs illustrations show them with horns on their head and traveling in a group of 5 to 7 per canoe.

Native legends often talk of the little people playing pranks on people such as singing and then hiding when an inquisitive person searches for the music. It is often said that the little people love children and would take them away from bad or abusive parents or if the child was without parents and left in the woods to fend for themselves.

Other legends say the little people if seen by an adult human would beg them not to say anything of their existence and would reward those who kept their word by helping them and their family out in times of need. From tribe to tribe there are variations of what the little people's mannerisms were like, and whether they were good or evil may be different. Many of the elders still have a belief in these beings, but younger generations tend not to believe in these stories.

One of the common beliefs is that the little people create distractions to cause mischief. They were believed to be gods by some. One North American Native tribe believed that they lived in nearby caves. The caves were never entered for fear of disturbing the little people.







A Native American woman living in Bena, Mn...near Cass Lake was out in her yard during the daytime hours. She spotted what she described as an 18" tall "Little Person". Stunned and amazed, she reported her sighting to our investigators in that area. 



Five years ago a Native American lady claims that she knows of another  Native woman who took a photo of a "Little Person". She apparently had been showing it to everyone in the Native American community. Bob Olson is researching whether he can fine this woman and see her evidence.....

Stay tuned.  




Note the Orb above the tower on the Church, also in the second picture above the gravestone marker.




      FACE IN THE MIST    2/29/2012


Turn the picture counterclockwise and look at the face. This picture was taken at a Grand Rapids, Mn. residence with witnesses at the site.  




Bob Olson was photographing his old antique car to show to a potential buyer. No one else was around as he was all alone while taking this picture. Upon developing the photograph an image of a slumping man was photos were taken  prior to this one of anybody or anything looking like what is evident in the seat of the antique car.






The dog and cat were very close...practically inseparable, and had lived together in the Hansen home for years. Upon the dog's passing, the grieving cat was photographed at the dog's water bowl with the obvious vaporous images shown above.

This is from the Deer River, Mn. area    








Lady O

These photos were taken in 2007 on our first Walk to Honor Chief Little Crow-Taoyateduta. He was the Chief and leader of the Dakota people during the Dakota Uprising in 1862. Taoyateduta translated is His Nation Red in English. At first he did not want to be the leader as he felt an uprising was in vain. Then he changed his mind and told his people, ”I will die with you”.

The Uprising was over in 1862 and 38 Dakota men were hung in Mankato on December 26, 1862. Elders ,women and children were force marched to Fort Snelling where they were kept in an enclosed fenced encampment until the spring of 1863. At that time they were shipped on a steamboat to Crow Creek South Dakota. At that time there was a law written by the State of Minnesota that all Dakota were banned from the State of Minnesota. Upon return they would be shot and killed with a ransom on their heads. That law is still on the records by the State of Minnesota today. YES IT IS!

Little Crow escaped to Canada after the Uprising. Upon his return in 1863 He was shot and killed while picking berries near the town of Hutchinson, Minnesota by a man whose Last name was Lamson. Lamson received a check in the amount of $500. A copy of this check is on record at the Minnesota Historical Society.

The man who started this Walk in 2007 is Michael Scott and who has a connection in his blood line to Little Crow.

The Walk would be six miles from the place where Little Crow was shot to the town of Hutchinson where his body was dragged and then mutilated. There is a stone marker along highway 18 in Meeker County and the Walk is the six miles from that point to the town of Hutchinson to honor Chief Little Crow and for Healing.

These photos were taken by a woman on this first walk. Michael and I were not walking along the side of the road but down in the road ditch. When the photos were developed there were these orbs in them. A friend told us these orbs were of a person-Soul-Little Crow. She promised to make a website for the Walk and the photos…. But this never happened. I had some information on this. But I did not know enough about it to get what she saw in the photos. I can share what was found if you would like. We have been walking each year on July 3 since 2007. 2013 is the 7th year.

PS: There was a gathering in Hutchinson, Minnesota by the city on July 5, 2013, the 150th anniversary of the death of Little Crow for healing and reconciliation for ALL.




What an adventure the L.O.P.I. team had in the “Land of Enchantment.” We came prepared for lots of paranormal activity, but even we were surprised by the actual overload of energy we encountered. Certainly New Mexico is known for lots of unusual occurrences, and fortunately for our team we got to experience lots of them. Leaving Ravenessa Moon behind was hard, but someone had to run my store. We fortunately had Del and Angie Nordman to help us out. Del is a Biologist and Angie is a Native American herbalist. Both are logical and practical and are not easily convinced of paranormal activity, unless it passes their “bullshit” test.

Bill and I arrived in Albuquerque on Friday, February 15, 2013.….first stop the Church Street Café.




2111 Church Street Northwest

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Located in the historic Casa de Ruiz, this café is a veritable time machine…as well as a wonderful restaurant. The place was built during the early years of Albuquerque (sometime after 1706) and is thought to be the oldest home in the city, if not the state. Amazingly, the house remained in the Ruiz family all the way until 1991, when the last resident of the family, Rufina G. Ruiz died at the age of 91. And even though the place is now a café, it’s said that the old adobe home is still inhabited by a member of the Ruiz family: Sara Ruiz, mother of Rufina. Sara has been heard yelling in the restaurant (this started during renovations) and has even been witnessed walking through the dining room (a waiter reported seeing her in a long, black dress). Customers have reported hearing her as well, and employees note that Sara will often get their attention by tossing small stones when she wants to be noticed.

L.O.P.I. arrives:

Eating here was awesome! Right away we got the feel of the place. Our waiter’s name was Antonio…what a character. He was awarded the “Top Chef of Albuquerque Award” previously and really had a feel for the place and was open to talk about it.

He told us the lights would go on and off in the restaurant and the tortilla maker would come on and turn off by itself. Also, the cabinet which was locked with the owner having the only key….would somehow have its nativity figures moved so that they would be facing the wall. The staff would come in to find them this way. Later in our investigation when we toured the “Palace of the Governors”, we would find that a plaque located there read that the Santos (the Spirit figurines) that were found turned toward the wall indicated when the spirits decided that the people had fallen out of their favor.

On Sunday, February 17th…we traveled into Santa Fe to explore the area and check out the La Fonda. Having been there several times in the past, it was interesting to experience its paranormal energy again.


SANTA FE: La Fonda on the Plaza

Address: 100 East San Francisco Street

This hotel is a paranormal pilgrimage for investigators, and has been a well-known haunted location for decades. When this hotel was built in 1922, it was erected on the site of a previous inn that dated back to the 1600s! In 1925, it became an infamous “Harvey House” that provided upscale service to stars and locals alike-a tradition that the hotel continues today. The previous inn at this location was for a time used as a local courthouse and even held executions right on the property. A remnant from this past, Judge John P. Slough, is now said to haunt La Fonda. He was killed on the property and now walks the halls of the hotel. A second apparition is seen in the dining room as well; it’s thought that this spirit is that of a man who lost his fortune and leapt to his death down a well…a well that used to stand in the center of the present day dining room. His spirit is seen approaching this spot, then disappearing!

Although we couldn’t do an adequate investigation, we’ve included a picture of the entrance to the La Fonda. Check this place out if ever you are in the area…it truly is an energy mecca!


HOLY CRAP! ROWE MESA 2.17.13 6:30 pm

Temp: 35 degrees F.

On our way home from Santa Fe and bringing with us all of our paranormal gear, we decided to explore the Mesa….this is where you will find Apache battlefields, abandoned monasteries and schools, adobe buildings left to rubble dating to the 1600’s, wild elk and antelope and all sorts of shit in the sky. Literally it is Grand Central for the paranormal, and we were right in the middle of it.

It was a very bright moonlit night …, really it was. Lots of stars and activity in the sky.



K2 Gauss meter

Ovilus Ghost Box

Laser grid

Digital voice recorder

Digital cameras


Lady O


Angie Nordman

Del Nordman


On the left hand side of the road was an ancient abandoned building/monastery/school. By this time it was total darkness with a smattering of starlight and a pretty good moon. We all got out, and proceeded with the investigation.

Took a laser grid of the building remnants….coyotes began to wail..instantly!

I told everyone that this indeed was an abandoned schoolhouse at one time, although it was hundreds of years old and probably used for all sorts of things….some not so good. This proved to be correct.

The K2 was peaking into the red, and the Ovilus was giving us its readout:

Human…..suffered….held…need food and money….want meat…. placate…aware….three of them….died in the country…. learn


The energy here was heavy and sad. All of us felt an oppressive feeling.

When we left with our data to the truck, and proceeded to leave, I couldn’t get the truck door open. I’d done it dozens of times before…it wouldn’t budge..4,5,6 times….no go.

Angie easily opened it for me. I guess they didn’t want me to leave!

Onward we go…..

UPDATE: The next night follow up/same place

2.18.13 6:15 pm

It’s extremely cold out….temp has dropped drastically. We took pictures and used the Ovilus ghost box, K2 and digital recorder.

Ovilus: Cattle, lawmen, a hideout, wide, (at this point I accused the spirit of stealing cattle and running from the law….there was a long pause and the Ovilus spoke again…..allright… uh huh… reward….habit…

(stealing, no doubt!)…killed…arrow…peril…

At this point I told the spirit he could come back with us to the house….Nice offer….learn…fort…Cravitt (his name?)


This was an amazing encounter with ancient energies still present in this “Energy of Place.” We left to head to the next site:


Used laser grid….flashing pattern only in some places. A flash of light movement came from left of building over the top of the building (old adobes) and off the right side.

Ovilus device speaks: suffer..abuse…retorts…angry…need….mom and food….Hunter (may be his name) late….aware…horse…where?….

Meanwhile the K2 meter is going crazy with readings going off the charts in EMF frequencies.

UPDATE: The next night follow up/same place

2.18.13 6:18pm


We spotted an unusual object in the sky upon arriving at this site. That will be explained in the UFO section of this site, but bears noting here as the Ovilus reported it!

The night before this follow up….when we were back at the Nordman house high up in the mesa, the ghost box said……paranormal holiday….. it said it again this night.

Ovilus: Fragile…tomb…summer….flight……UFO….calm….three……highway….learn. Late….sent….paranormal holiday….we asked if this energy spirit had followed us home the previous night……right….spring


It felt like I was in the presence of a Sherlock Holmes or an H.G. Wells. This energy was brilliant and wanted to communicate on a modern level, as if he was proud he had grown since his death. He wasn’t “stuck” in the past, so to speak. He literally yearned to come with us when we left.


CEMETERY: 2.17.13

The bottom fell out of the temperature, and it was literally freezing when we were standing in front of this ancient cemetery…hundreds of years old. Old headstones mingled with wooden crosses and wild tumbleweeds and brambles.

We deployed the laser grid pattern and it twinkled and surged like crazy.

Ovilus Ghost Box spoke: Need…aware….story…..light….human….last….(this was the last investigation that night!)….confused….

At this point the Ovilus starting clipping as if too many energies were trying to speak through it at once. We started with fresh batteries, so this was impossible. Our flashlight batteries were zapped and drained as well. Everthing was over-riding.

I felt tiny needles of moisture pelting me even though it was a starry clear night.

Back at home (Nordman’s)…Del said he experienced the same thing at the cemetery!

No one else reported this.

UPDATE: The next night follow up/same place

2.18.13 6:30 pm 37 degrees

My connection was very strong with the energies here.

Ovilus spoke: cemeterio….trees…country…learn….light…people….fright….concerned….

disembowled, help…limitless…aware…tree..

At this point I was flooded with a visual of the events that had transpired here centuries earlier….someone had dug a hole and gutted this man, threw him in there with all the other bodies in the cemetery, but under a tree. No one ever found him here.

Ovilus spoke: Find…..where?….tree….money…..took….story…heat….humans

K2 meter going crazy with lights flashing into the maximum red zone.


This was the strongest of all the energies yet this night. Impossible to ignore. I believe no one else has done what we did here…no other investigations have been done. This is a lonely, desolate, isolated place. Energies were coming at us fast and furious and confused and fearful. We moved on….


Later on the night of 2.17.18 after our first investigations ….here is what we received from the Ghost Box while all of us were seated at the dining room table.

Trust….live….believe….light…..paranormal holiday…





42 degrees 5:42 pm

Ovilus spoke: Heat…need money….fence….tree…..

My impressions were that the people here had to cut down the trees to burn….bodies had been previously buried under the trees…dug up and moved, but then were washed away.

K2 meter is going crazy….camera made sounds (wasn’t on), what sounded like breathing was coming out of the Ovilus!! 6:18 pm




The cemetery here behind the house was washed away in the arroyo behind the adobe walls. An arroyo is a never ending gulch that just keeps eating up the land as it travels unstopped along its course that only it knows. I sensed the presence of lots of souls here….layers on layers of lives built upon the space here.



    L.O.P.I. TEAM INVESTIGATION    12/8/12   SATURDAY  5:54 PM 



Client approached the Team, Lady O, Bill, and Ravenessa with complaints of daemonic attacks in her home. Both client and daughter experience paranormal activity. Client has been attacked repeatedly both physically and sexually by an entity. Client's friend claims that client had a daemon in her closet....tells client of a red line down client's back. Client has been told that people have died in the home. Landlord complains of everyone dying in there.

Claims of knocking and temperature changes. Attacks have increased even though client (extremely psychic and an outstanding intuitive) has done rituals to banish the evil energy and has done numerous house cleansings and even an Exorcism. Client is extremely sentient....and aware of all the different energies around her. She is a reader and a psi-empath. This is beyond her ability to cope, as she is becoming physically drained and exhausted by the repeated attacks in her home on her body and mind.

Recent events claimed by client:

While client was lying face down in bed she was physically attacked by an entity. Scratched.

Entity has used non Blessed objects that are sharp to attack her.

Client's brother's spirit comes to aid her during these events.

A male figure came "into her" in the night in her bedroom. Whe was not herself the next day.

Client claims entity had a "mental conversation" with her (this is the night before the Team arrives.)

Entity purportedly moves through the walls.

Client claims that her daughter who lives with client (age 7) is targeted as well. Daughter receives "angry energy." Has drastic mood swings. Has been diagnosed with Fifth's disease....redness and heat and raised bumps on the cheeks and face. Daughter has said, "Somebody's watching me!" 

Client claims entity "sits watching her" in her closet. She has warded (protected) her property, but this is a strong force.

A Native American neighbor came into her apartment and put something on her porch. Possibly a dead animal. He would holler at her at all times of day and night. Details below.

Client reports of a boy that killed himself in the bathroom of her unit.

Dark balls of energy will latch onto her back as she sits on her bed....painful.




Client and daughter have lived in this apartment complex for 1 and 1/2 years. A Native American registered sex offender had been living next to client on the lower left side of her complex. This man was a confirmed Devil worshipper....who told client he "invoked daemons." Taunted client repeatedly....knew how to "get her goat." Client feared rape by this man. A number of drunken orgy parties occurred when this man and his "friends" were there. These people have since moved away and client and daughter are feeling the "aftermath."  The Bible has always given client strength as she works with the Archangels...especially Michael. At 14 or 15 she discovered Wicca. She works with the Tarot. Past sexual abuse. 




Upon arriving at client's residence, Ravenessa felt like something was trying to "block" her.After we enter the home, my cheeks and entire face go superhot....I am very flushed and heart rate increases considerably....I am drawn to a "portal" on the far side of the living room. The living room itself is not the center of any negative energy, I feel. We are using a laser grid pen and a K2 electromagnetic meter. We have atemperature meter, a digital recorder and a digital camera on at all times. We are recording sound and picture. 

Movement begins towards client's bedroom. I am drawn to go in there. I am not performing an Exorcism .....we are merely investigating. Knocking sounds in wall and possible EMF portals in her bedroom. I feel sick as I sit on her bed.....something is making me feel like I am drowning.

Obvious entity in there as I am drawn to movement and light in her closet. It watches her from there I am positive. A dark heaviness hangs in that room. She has crucifixes on the walls. It is violently enraged at this.

Moving into daughter's bedroom I am met with a very real presence of a little girl spirit about 10 or so possibly younger. I get the name "Annabelle".....client confirms!

They had been aware of this positive energy for awhile. I try to make contact with the wants to stay in the back right corner of daughter's room....isn't budging...seems afraid.

Temperature readings go off like crazy, but no noticeable drafts of any kind. K2 readings in all rooms...meter is going crazy. 20 Million gauss units or more! We move into the bathroom. It is awful in there.....small and clean, but the feeling that something is "covered up." As if the tub enclosure that exists now is just sitting on top of violent sick energy. Death presence is everywhere.  Meter freaks out again....odd overpowering smell comes out of nowhere. Wasn't there when we walked in. Like a heavy petroleum smell....with tobacco.

The team moves into the living area to sit and discuss what has occurred. A sound like a text on a phone goes off....nobody claims that it is theirs...different sound. Ravenessa begins to experience pains in her neck and shoulders. Claims that something is trying to scatter her thoughts (7:29 pm)...she invokes the Morrigan and feels better.




This is a very powerful Incubus energy attached and attracted to the client herself. I believe daughter is safe for now. This energy is violently sexual and vulgar. Client is repulsed by this. I have received in a reading with client previously a name.....manitou. This proves to be a highly paranormal spirit entity used and attached to Native Amerians....a nature entity ....can be good or evil. I believe client is "targeted" for her psychic gifts.

There is alot of Spirit activity in her home. I believe the former next door neighbor "released" something into the spaces there. An ancient entity presence. It will not go willingly nor will it be easy to ge it out of there. There could even be dark elementals attached to this place.

We check the recorders after the event and pick up the "texting sound." Sounds artificial and deliberate. Notice flashing lights and movement on the tape.  

I plan on a follow-up with client and client agrees to a full blown Exorcism of the premises and of herself.

If this doesn't concensus is.... that client and daughter.......move. 

I will be updating this investigation with a current posting at a future date......   



    L.O.P.I. TEAM INVESTIGATION   9/21/12   FRIDAY   5:25 PM




Client's boyfriend comes to my store for help. Shares with me the details of the attacks on his girlfriend....scratches and bruising....multiple marks on her back...burning sensations.

They are both fearful and burn sage and candles regularly to keep these energies at bay...with no success. I agree to go to her apartment to help her.

I am prepared to do an Exorcism if the need presents itself.



I have never met these people before. They seem honest and genuinely fearful. Boyfriend is having a hard time coping with what is happening to his girlfriend. Being a big guy he is trying to help, but feels completely powerless in this situation. This energy has apparently "followed" his girlfriend from another building she previously lived in.




We arrive at the apartment and are met in the parking lot by the boyfriend and my client. They are gracious and open. We take the elevators upstairs to her apartment. It appears to be a smallish well kept up place....heavy with incense and vanilla candes everywhere.

I ask them both  to take a seat on the couch next to each other. Her eyes appear totally iris color at all. She starts to become very anxious as I begin to lay out my ritual items. I use my annointing oil on everyone present. This is a special oil designed to release harmful energies from a human being. Bill and I are the team this time.

I begin to describe the energies I am picking up on....she appears even more upset and begins to scratch at her head.  I ask her boyfriend to restrain her if the need arises. He complies.

I am getting the name of the energy attached to is powerful and ancient. I know alot of investigators refuse to name the energies of darker evil entities, but I do not have the fears they possess. The name is ...Bael.

She tells me outright that she has had dreams of an evil energy telling her his name. It is Bael.....boyfriend confirms this.

She is now wringing her hands and shaking.....her breathing is becoming shallow and more a trapped animal.

I begin to use the Holy Water....this makes her move off the couch and boyfriend constrains her....she is fighting him and rolling her eyes...her skin appears very red and hot to the touch. She begins blinking very rapidly.


I begin to tell her how I am going to Exorcise the daemon. She is rolling around on the couch and not liking this at all. Using my tools and reciting the rituals I begin to remove this doesn't want to leave. I am physically moving the energy up toward her mouth. I am in control now. As I ask her to open her mouth.....I plan on letting the energy exit there and destroy it for now.

I make one mistake.....I put my hand in front of her mouth. Three blisters immediately appear as I am burned. This is witnessed as I wince aloud momentarily and then recover. The blisters pop and drain right away and start to heal almost instantly. 

Her right eye is blinking and her left eye is not. The color begins to return to her blue and beautiful. She starts to cry as if she had been holding it in for years.

I sit with her building her confidence in the new her....without this presence that has been there for quite awhile. I am banishing the negative energy now and she chants with me crying all the while she is repeating the words I say. I pull the Kabbalah threads from my ritual dagger through my repetition.

She is relaxing and appearing almost normal. She says that for the first time in a long time,

"I can actually breathe!"



As I sit with the subject. She and her boyfriend talk about their troubled past of addictions and abuses. I target the boyfriend and he confirms he has brought some negative energy with him that hasn't been dealt with. They promise to work on themselves and their conncections to their troubled pasts. I hug them and they are both smiling and look genuinely relieved. Her breath is cooler and her skin is not red and hot.

An Exorcist can only remove the energy of the moment, and not actually destroy the daemonic energy itself. It will find another "host"....but it won't be them and it won't be us.    



     L.O.P.I. TEAM INVESTIGATION    6/28/12   FRIDAY    5:34 PM



Warehouse housing antiques, but also a place of business...paint supplies and machinery/contracting out.

Client contacts me for an investigation. Claims husband is feeling negative energy and can't go into his office on the premises. Client and daughter are highly intuitive. They sense a malevolent presence that was'nt there before.

Hot and cold spots reported. Fearful, oppressive energies reported.




Old furniture from an old Elementary school (circa 1918) has been stored there for about 4 years. Former owner of the furniture was in a disabling accident right after acquiring the pieces in question.....old antique wooden cabinets.

There is an employee who works there who is angry and sullen. He drives truck for the company. He is an Aries (Fire) and was reportedly abused by his teacher. Although he has an outgoing personality and alot of people like him, he possesses alot of darker energy and brings that into the workplace.

Knowing these people to be reliable and honest...our team goes in.




Upon arriving we can't open the door to the building. Client makes a third attempt and we are successful....this has never happened previously or prior to our arrival.

I go in first to the main part of the warehouse. Immediate suffocating energy hits me square in the a powerful "squeeze". I am instantly pulled to a very large upright cabinet about 7 feet tall directly to my left. It is completely sealed in plastic...the energy is overwhelming coming off this thing. Noticing a small, reddish spot on the front of the door...appears to be bloodlike.

We remove the "ramps" up. Slight noises begin in front of the truck that is parked by some double doors in the warehouse, and again near the door we entered in. I begin the Exorcism preparations. Lying out my materials and ritual items using the tailgate of the truck as my "altar."

Realizing I must inspect the whole warehouse, I begin by going up the flat plank stairs that lead to the upper floor. I am immediately attacked by flies....rather violently!

My incense divides perfectly into two parts....a show of power no doubt by whatever presence is in the building. In the upper part of the place the client's mother has some pieces stored after her death. These have a powerful energy which I point out to the daughter who has gone upstairs with me. I correctly pick the Grandma's furniture pieces......protective energy doubt warding off or keeping the negative energy at least somewhat. Two chairs stacked on each other are another story. Not the Grandma's .....darker but less powerful by far than the school cabinets stored below me.

I move downstairs, again being attacked by the flies!

The incense moves into the driver's side of the truck and continues to swirl there. I asked client who drove the truck on a regular basis, and she said her husband and the young employee. The incense was telling me something.

Upon inspecting the cabinet more fully....there appear to be reddish orange upright triangles attached to all the schoolhouse furniture. They have the names of my client and her husband written on them. They had not been aware of this before. The upright triangle in red is a symbol of FIRE and manifestation. It has also been used in Ceremonial Magick to give power to inanimate objects. We find dozens of these triangles all over the furniture and everywhere around it. I am invoking the energies and protection of Michael the Archangel of FIRE.

I lean inside the cabinet to cense it. It fights me at every turn. There appear to be scratches inside the cabinet. I don't know what could have caused that.

I conclude the Exorcism.....after about an hour and a half. Client and daughter mostly kept to the chairs I asked them to stay seated in so that I could control what energy I received.